Meredith's Healing Arts

Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS. BCPP
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 Meredith's Healing Arts

                                     ...Enlightened Wellness

True wellness is a harmony of mind-body and soul. 
     Welcome to Meredith's Healing Arts. 

You are invited to take the journey toward greater Well-being! 

Health is not just the absence of disease (dis-ease), 

it embraces the joy and wonder of life.

 Come to:
 Reduce Stress and experience deep relaxation
 Relieve anxiety and acquire peace of mind
 Feel more balanced and create more balance in your life
 Heal your relationships and explore love
 Acquire self-insight and body awareness that lead to integrated   health
 Learn or deepen your meditation practice
 Experience Energy medicine techniques
...and More!

Polarity Therapy is  natural health care system that works with the whole person- body, emotions, mind and spirit. The refined energy balancing releases obstacles and invites renewed health where beautiful qualities of mind and body arise naturally. 

It is a unique holistic-healing experience encompassing both modern and ancient techniques. It invites a transpersonal esoteric philosophy of well-being steeped in an earnest quest for soulful insight. So there is a soulful engagement as well as energetic healing.

Experience Polarity: Call Meredith at 516-456-7665

A Polarity Session includes:
Verbal Counseling: listening and talking with wisdom and kindness
Healing Energy Touch: unique polarity techniques which including Ayurvedic knowledge, and Chinese meridians of Acupressure, Reflexology, and Craniosacral work, and more.

Meredith's Healing Arts Sessions offer an array of Healing and Guidance for you:
  • Full Polarity Therapy 
  • Verbal Counseling/Spiritual Guidance
  • Meditation Instruction/ Guided Meditation
  • Craniosacral and Reflexology
  • Inner child Work
  • Life Review
  • Handwriting Analysis
  • Card Reading
  • A Course in 7 Veils: A Path to Enlightenment

Healing implies wholeness.
My mantra: for you!
“ I am healed, I am whole, I am Holy”

Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS, BCPP is a Board-Certified Polarity Therapist, international Presenter on Health and Wellness, a Meditation and Yoga teacher, Dancer, and Author of  7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment.

Meredith is available for Mind-Body Polarity Therapy sessions, 
group workshops and retreats. 

She loves to give talks and book-signings on her new book
 7 VEILS: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment.