Meredith's Healing Arts

Meredith Zelman Narissi MS, PTP

 Programs available

Wisdom and Healing Circle
Meets Monthly on Thursday 9:30 -11:30 AM at the Tabor Retreat Center
 in Oceanside, NY (The first Thursday of each month.)

We meet to Meditate and to Share Wisdom.  
We listen with the heart and speak from the heart. 
Each time we meet we share a new topic. All are welcomed.
This is a beautiful sacred sharing. 

Please call 516-536-3004 for further information, or call 516-456-7665

Polarity Therapy Sessions:
One on one mind body healing by appointment:
     Verbal therapy with energetic healing touch: mind body and soul healing

Couples Therapy by appointment:
     Trouble with love? Perhaps love has it's own agenda that you can learn about.

Meditation Sessions by appointment::
     Learn how to get physical, psychological, and blissful relaxation from ancient techniques to
quiet the mind.
Workshops and Retreats:
 Sacred Self Awareness Workshop: 

One of the greatest spiritual questions “Who am I?” can be addressed by the inherent wisdom of Body/Mind/Soul play. Play allows answers to arise naturally! Not all spiritual awareness comes from sitting quietly…it also comes through imaginative play. Play is serious business; all children know that instinctively.  Your imaginative wisdom will reveal your “sacred self”. We will also share quiet time and blissful contemplation.

Couples Retreat :Learn from each other. Learn how to heal one another. In this workshop we use playful healing arts to evoke deeply held insights and illuminations that can manifest as true love. Come to enjoy, explore, and share. This is a fun and insightful way to bring love to your relationship!

7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment...uncover your feminine divinity through spiritual questing. See what veils hold you back and what veils are portals of insight. We will use creative arts and dancing with veils to explore these concepts. Investigate areas of the unconscious such as the shadow side, dreams and visions of illumination, all as you travel through the 7 Veils!  visit
"What's Love Got to Do with it"
This is an inspiring exploration of love relationships, and self love.
 Stories of" Narcissi", and "The Lost Joy", and more, are shared to evoke the imagination into a new awareness. Questions and answers to follow.

And More!