Meredith's Healing Arts

Meredith Zelman Narissi MS, BCPP

 Programs available

Wisdom and Healing Circle... ongoing
Meets Monthly on Thursday 9:30 -11:30 AM at the Tabor Retreat Center
 in Oceanside, NY (The first Thursday of each month.)

We meet to Meditate and to Share Wisdom.  
We listen with the heart and speak from the heart. 
Each time we meet we share a new topic. 
This is a beautiful sacred sharing. All are welcomed.

Please call 516-536-3004 for further information, or call 516-456-7665

Workshops and Retreats:

 Sacred Self Awareness Workshop: 

One of the greatest spiritual questions “Who am I?” can be addressed by the inherent wisdom of Body/Mind/Soul play. Play allows answers to arise naturally! Not all spiritual awareness comes from sitting quietly…it also comes through imaginative play. Play is serious business; all children know that instinctively.  Your imaginative wisdom will reveal your “sacred self”. We will also share quiet time and blissful contemplation.

Couples Retreat :Learn from each other. Learn how to heal one another. In this workshop we use playful healing arts to evoke deeply held insights and illuminations that can manifest as true love. Come to enjoy, explore, and share. This is a fun and insightful way to bring love to your relationship!

7 Veils: Mystical Secrets of a Feminine Path to Enlightenment...uncover your feminine divinity through spiritual questing. See what veils hold you back and what veils are portals of insight. We will use creative arts and dancing with veils to explore these concepts. Investigate areas of the unconscious such as the shadow side, dreams and visions of illumination, all as you travel through the 7 Veils!  visit
"What's Love Got to Do with it"
This is an inspiring exploration of love relationships, and self love.
 Stories of" Narcissi", and "The Lost Joy", and more, are shared to evoke the imagination into a new awareness. Questions and answers to follow.

The Feminine Face of God

Sometimes being a woman and thinking of God as only a He can limit our ability to look within and find Divine connection. God is not limited in definition. Perhaps our perception can widen. This retreat will focus on the many feminine faces of the Divine to show the unconditional flow of Divine love, something we all crave. We will share what "feminine" qualities we are searching for, how your relationship with other women can effect this view, and who you are as a woman in your divine expression of love.

Meditation Made Easy

Think meditation is for someone else? Do you picture a wise sage, who sits in a far away sanctuary separate from the troubled world, as the only true meditator? Come to explore how the symbolic meditation cushion can be right here, right now, and for you! Meditation is life altering. Meditation provides insight. Meditation can uncover a peace that passeth all understanding.

If you wish to explore meditation for the first time, or if you are coming to deepen your practice, all are welcomed. Meditating in a group heightens your spiritual growth and understanding. We will explore different meditation techniques, we will share our experiential process, and we will meditate.

with Meredith Zelman Narissi, M.S., P.T.P.

All of us have a life story that contains the story of our soul. If your life were a novel and you were the main character, what would you be learning? How would you, in the leading role be present on your quest? You would be the hero or heroine of your own story. Why are you here?

In this retreat we will explore what spiritual learning is being asked of you in this "novella." We will delve into what your soul is here to learn in this lifetime. Explore your Divine intention. Writing, storytelling, sharing one-on-one, and listening to inspiring tales will ignite your imagination, and reveal gifts of your soulful journey.


Aging and Sage-ing with Grace

How do we artfully adapt to our aging without losing our joy in life? What does it mean when our body slowly releases youth and you are asked to "let go" of so much? We will discuss how to adjust to the inevitable changes that an aging body represents using stories, journaling, meditation and prayer. Perhaps the aging process can be as asset you your sage-ing...becoming wiser.

Finding Your Oasis

I love the metaphor of wandering in the desert and then finding the place where you can finally take refuge, relax and be safe. But let's be in the desert for a bit! Are there times in your life when things become dry, brittle, and difficult? We all have those ups and downs in life...some call it change. If there is one thing we can count on it is change! If you are wandering, hot thirsty, hungry and lost, the Oasis may seem like a mirage.

How to find your way to a safe haven becomes your quest. Just where do you find the verdant, fruitful trees, the flowing fresh spring of water, the fragrant shade, shelter and perhaps welcoming arms to help revive you?

Here are some skills and avenues of awareness that you can cultivate to create your own Oasis you may even welcome others into.

It takes 3 steps?

1.Mind...Become open minded, celebrate mindfulness

2.Body...Become a sensualist, find the cosmic intelligence that flows through your body

3. Soul...Become a soulful connector, connect with yourself, others, nature, and God

In this retreat we will explore through play, meditation, sharing and other creative avenues to help you find and create your Oasis.

Handwriting Analysis and You

Did you ever wonder what your handwriting says about you? There are many studies about how this form of expression is closely linked to your mind. Come to see what it means to write the way you do, and to see how it feels to change it a bit! What can you tell about your friends by the way they sign their name. Come to share in this insightful workshop, and find the hidden clues to who you really are!!!

And More!