Meredith's Healing Arts

Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS.,BCPP

Services and Sessions 

Polarity Therapy Sessions:

One on one mind-body healing by appointment:
     Verbal therapy with energetic healing touch: mind body and soul healing

Couples Therapy by appointment:
     Trouble with love? Perhaps love has it's own agenda that you can learn about.

Meditation Sessions by appointment::
     Learn how to get physical, psychological, and blissful relaxation from ancient techniques to quiet the mind.

Stories for you...current Articles

Cat Consciousness...10 Secret Rituals to Meditate like a Cat

What is Beautiful?  article for APTA and IPEA
American Polarity Therapy Association
International Polarity Education Alliance

Check out Sivana East...or email me, and I will send you a copy of my article:

Workshops and Retreats see next page

I look forward to presenting for your organization,

 or to working with you individually.

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When we hold thoughts, tension, and dis-ease in our body-mind, 
our alignment with our truth is hindered.
Together you and I will travel the journey toward your higher self,
where you will experience healing.


Healing Happens!