Meredith's Healing Arts

Meredith Zelman Narissi, MS.,BCPP

Services and Sessions 

Polarity Therapy Sessions:

One on one mind-body healing by appointment:
     Verbal therapy with energetic healing touch: mind body and soul healing

Couples Therapy by appointment:
     Trouble with love? Perhaps love has it's own agenda that you can learn about.

Meditation Sessions by appointment::
     Learn how to get physical, psychological, and blissful relaxation from ancient techniques to quiet the mind.

Stories for you...current Articles

What is Beautiful?  
article for APTA and IPEA
American Polarity Therapy Association
International Polarity Education Alliance

Check out Sivana East...or email me, and I will send you a copy of my article:

Workshops and Retreats see next page

I look forward to presenting for your organization,

 or to working with you individually.

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When we hold thoughts, tension, and dis-ease in our body-mind, 
our alignment with our truth is hindered.
Together you and I will travel the journey toward your higher self,
where you will experience healing.


Healing Happens!